Quick Tips: Jetset with Your AfterShokz Like A Pro
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Quick Tips: Jetset with Your AfterShokz Like A Pro

Whether you’re a frequent adventurer or a novice traveller, packing the right set of gear can be critical to a seamless flight, especially if you are jet setting overseas. A few key essentials will keep you comfortable at the airport and in-flight, so you can land refreshed and ready to explore.

We’ve rounded up some of our tried and true packing tips that will make your next overseas flight a breeze.

Check Your Passport ✅

Your passport is a necessity for most international trips, and having this close at hand will ensure peace of mind during any flight. It should be one of the first things you pack, and one of the last things you check. While collecting passport stamps can be an invigorating way to track where you’ve been, make sure your passport isn’t expiring anytime soon. Many countries require travel to occur 6-months prior to your passport expiration date, so checking the expiration date in advance will avoid any last minute turbulence in your itinerary!

Grab Something Cozy🧣

Regardless of season, it’s no secret that airplanes can get cold. To avoid over packing just for plane warmth, consider bringing items that can multitask. Bring an oversized scarf that can serve as a blanket in-flight and an accessory during the trip. Or, consider layering a short-sleeved shirt, a zip-up hoodie/cardigan, and a thin jacket. These items can layer for warmth but also be worn separately in warmer temps.

Pack Snacks 🍎

Airplane food is never exciting, so having healthy flight snacks is key to staying sane and avoiding mid-flight hanger. Stock up on some snacks that can withstand multi-hour travel and are easy to throw in your carry on. This can be anything from protein bars, almonds, dried fruit, or jerky. You can even combine nuts, dried fruit and chocolate (because...why not) to customize your own trail mix.  

Bring AfterShokz 🙌

A wireless or wired set of AfterShokz make the perfect plane companion. If you’re bringing a pair of Bluetooth-connected Trekz Air or Trekz Titanium, be sure to pack the earplugs that come with each pair to want to tune out any background noise on the plane (cue screaming babies). If you’re packing our Sportz Titanium wired model, plug it right into the arm of your seat and enjoy the inflight movie.

Plan Entertainment 📱

Let’s face it, long flights can get boring. It’s critical to plan your in-flight entertainment to help pass the time. First, check what type of in-flight entertainment is available on your flight. Is it a seat-back monitor or do you need to download the airline app in advance? If you will be using your own device for in-flight entertainment make sure you have a battery plan. If you don’t have access to seat outlets bring a portable battery. Pro tip: make sure to download any shows, podcasts, books, or music you want to enjoy in advance when you are connected to good wifi.

What are some of your jet setting flight tips? Share them with us on Twitter or Instagram and tagging @AfterShokzCAN!