Is Music Affecting Your Workout?
Is Music Affecting Your Workout?
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Is Music Affecting Your Workout?

If you’re a music fanatic like us, hitting the gym or going for a run without your AfterShokz and a bumpin’ playlist can feel like mission impossible.

For many, music is motivation. There’s nothing like a great playlist to get you excited to hit the gym or push you to finish strong when you’re about to throw in your sweat towel. But why is this? Is music actually affecting our workouts? The short answer is yes and there’s science to back it up!

Research shows that music can help improve one's athletic performance. One way is through disassociation. For example, when listening to music during a physical activity such as running or cycling, one's attention is diverted from their feelings of fatigue and pain and directed towards what they're listening to. So the next time you find yourself singing along to your fave song on the treadmill instead of glaring at the calorie counter, you have music and science to thank!

Music can also motivate you to workout harder and longer. In fact, sport scientists at Brunel University, found that "music can reduce your rate of perceived effort by 12% and improve your endurance by 15%." While Priest recommends fast music because it distracts you from getting tired or wanting to stop exercising, other findings show that it's best to choose songs with a tempo that matches your heart rate. Finding songs that match your heart rate doesn't have to be rocket science. The app "Rock My Run" directs you to a playlist that matches your personal pace or heart rate.

What do YOU think? Do you feel the benefits of music when working out?

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