AfterShokz OpenComm wireless bone conduction headset
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Introducing OpenComm: AfterShokz Open-Ear Headset

Unlocking a new level of safety and connection in the workplace is now easier than ever with OpenComm, AfterShokz’s first-ever bone conduction stereo Bluetooth headset. Engineered with patented 7th generation bone conduction technology, the OpenComm headset delivers high-quality communication and helps you stay connected while you’re at your desk, on the road, or office-on-the-go. Get to know more about the new open-ear headset below!

The Story Behind OpenComm: 

OpenComm was inspired by the needs of headset users who work in offices, call centers, job sites, or on the road. Oftentimes, these users were required to wear outdated, uncomfortable in or over the ear headsets for long hours each day, and we felt it was our responsibility to fix that. OpenComm is the first AfterShokz product designed specifically for communication and it delivers open-ear awareness, comfort, and entertainment while keeping the user connected to their workplace environment. 

The name “OpenComm” comes from our desire to allow users to be open and aware of their surroundings in the workplace, while also enabling them to stay connected to and in communication with colleagues, clients, or family members. 

Unique OpenComm Features: 

Noise-Cancelling Boom Mic

An adjustable DSP noise-cancelling boom microphone eliminates background noise for clear communication in any environment or noise level, from traffic while driving to family conversations while working from home.

16 Hours of Talk Time 

Powered with up to 16 hours of talk time or up to 8 hours of continuous listening time on a single charge for all-day communication. In a time crunch or running low in between conference calls? A 5-minute quick charge gives you up to 2 hours of talk time.

Bluetooth 5.0 with NFC Pairing

NFC (Near Field Communication) makes syncing your OpenComm headset with a compatible device effortless. NFC pairing was specifically designed for the growing number of Android users to make it easier to pair their devices with their headset while remaining virtually hands-free. 

Signature AfterShokz Features: 

Open-Ear Comfort

With nothing inside or over your ears, our signature open-ear design and titanium wraparound frame offers unrivalled, all-day comfort and awareness for staying connected to your environment, so you can focus on what matters most. 

Multifunction Button

Our proprietary AfterShokz multifunction button offers easy controls to play, pause, skip, activate voice assistant, and answer calls with just the touch of a button, allowing for quick and safe access while you work. Paired with our wireless design, OpenComm allows productivity to meet efficiency without compromising on awareness.

Shop OpenComm for $205.95 in Slate Grey online now.

For more information about our OpenComm wireless bone conduction headset, visit our Help Center