Image of AfterShokz Aeropex Mini wireless bone conduction headphones
Image of AfterShokz Aeropex Mini wireless bone conduction headphones
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Introducing Aeropex Mini: Big Performance, Smaller Size

Introducing Aeropex Mini, with the same signature features and patented technology in a smaller size. Get the scoop on what makes Aeropex Mini different and learn how to find your perfect fit using our sizing guide below! 

What Makes Aeropex Mini Different

Aeropex Mini features a 0.5 inch shorter band size than Aeropex for a more snug fit. Aeropex Mini is the perfect match for anyone with a smaller head circumference or for those who just prefer a more snug fit! 

What Makes Aeropex Mini and Aeropex The Same

Aside from the difference in band size, Aeropex Mini offers all of the same features as the standard size Aeropex headphones. A few of their top features are listed below:

Open-Ear Comfort - The lightest AfterShokz wraparound frame to date enables all-day comfort and unmatched awareness.

8th Generation Bone Conduction Technology - Refined patented technology to allow rich sound, deep bass, and minimum vibration. 

IP67 Waterproof - Engineered for wicked weather conditions and endurance activities so you can power through anything.

8-Hour Battery Life - Up to 8 hours of continuous battery life for calls and audio. No need to charge in the middle of a workout. 

Multifunction Button - Easily accessible controls to skip, play, pause, and answer calls.

Moisture Detection Alert - Internal alerts protect against moisture to prevent damage when charging. 

For more information on the features that make Aeropex endurance headphones a top-seller, visit our blog

How To Find Your Perfect Aeropex Fit

Deciding on the right Aeropex size for you is made easy thanks to our sizing guide. Discover how you can find the best match using a printable tool or common things from around the house like a USB cord! View the Aeropex and Aeropex Mini sizing guide here

Shop Aeropex Mini in Slate Grey for $209.95 online now.