How Your AfterShokz Can Help When You’re Stuck At Home
How Your AfterShokz Can Help When You’re Stuck At Home
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How Your AfterShokz Can Help When You’re Stuck At Home

Let’s face it, being cooped up inside for hours on end can get pretty boring, and being stuck at home with no end in sight is discouraging. During this time, finding new and creative ways to keep yourself busy while self-isolating is essential, and your AfterShokz headphones are here to help! 

Hook Them Up To Your TV

If you want to watch your new fav binge-worthy show, but your roommate or partner is working from home as well, hook your AfterShokz up to your smart TV, laptop, or tablet so you can watch Netflix without distracting them. Be available for moments when your at-home buddy wants to chat without missing out on a drama-filled episode of something good.

Get Some Fresh Air

Although many gyms are closing, getting outside is still encouraged! We’re still being urged to get out of the house for some solo hiking or walks with our furry friends, so make sure you use your AfterShokz for some upbeat music or inspirational podcasts to accompany you. Looking for ways to stay inspired on your solo outdoor adventure? Check out these simple ways to stay mindful while you’re on the trails. 

Stay Connected

Right now, we need our family and friends more than ever. Use your headphones to video chat or call your friends hands-free, without bothering your roommates by having them on speakerphone all while protecting your skin from unwanted germs and excess oil! 

Educate Yourself

If you’re missing the noise and business of your usual office environment, you’re not alone! Use AfterShokz to listen to informational podcasts, guided meditations, or motivating TED Talks while you’re working from home; it’ll almost be like your coworkers are with you! If ambient white noise is more your style, sync up your headphones to the Calm app to cure cabin fever. 

Channel Your Inner Rachael Ray

With many restaurants and bars being shut down, now is the time to discover your new favourite recipe! Use your headphones to follow along with a cooking tutorial and whip up something tasty and new! We recommend trying one of these easy and healthy sheet pan dinners for starters. 

How else have you been using your AfterShokz while working from home? Share with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!