Canadian professional biker Haley Smith wearing bike helmet and Shokz OpenRun Pro wireless headphones
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How To Wear Your Shokz with a Helmet

Shokz wireless headphones were made for a wide variety of activities, such as running, cycling, swimming, winter sports, etc. While Shokz open-ear headphones keep you safe by allowing you to hear your music and your surroundings at the same time, other safety equipment is sometimes needed to enjoy these activities to their fullest potential, including helmets. Trying to figure out how to wear Shokz with a helmet can be a little tricky, so we’re here to help find you your best fit. Follow these steps to wear your Shokz headphones with a helmet properly.

  1. First, hold your Shokz upright in front of you with the wraparound band closest to you and the open end facing away from you.  The power/volume+ and volume- buttons should be face down.
  2. While holding your Shokz, bring your device around the back of the base of your neck, similar to how you would put on a lanyard.
  3. Once at the base of your neck, raise your Shokz up to your ears and position the ear hooks around your ears so the transducers sit comfortably outside of your ear and just above your temple bones.
  4. After confirming the device is securely sitting outside of your temples, turn on your Shokz and enjoy the open-ear listening experience!
  5. Finally, put on your helmet and ensure it is securely and properly positioned on your head. This step may also be performed first, before you put on your Shokz. 

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