How to Use Your Xtrainerz
How to Use Your Xtrainerz
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How to Use Your Xtrainerz

As an underwater headphone pioneer, delivering premium sound underwater via bone conduction technology, Xtrainerz are — by definition — different. They’re different from anything else on the market, and also a bit different from other AfterShokz products. To deliver high-quality sound underwater via bone conduction, we had to rethink how the headphones should function and how they should interact and move with you

Xtrainerz store all of your audio files on the headphones themselves so you can swim device-free. We reconfigured buttons, added options, and created a broader control interface. 

To help you get the most out of these revolutionary new headphones, here's a Xtrainerz operating instructions cheat sheet.

Volume Buttons

Let’s start with the familiar and the obvious – the volume up (volume+) and volume down (volume-) buttons. These are located on the right arm, easily accessible for your right thumb to adjust the volume during your workout.

The volume buttons also perform a few additional functions on Xtrainerz. To advance to the next audio file (“next”), press and hold the volume+ button for two seconds while an audio file (such as a song or podcast) is playing. To play the “previous” file, press and hold the volume- button for two seconds while an audio file is playing.

You can also check the battery status on Xtrainerz by clicking the volume+ or volume- buttons while an audio file is NOT playing. Audrey, Xtrainerz’ voice guide, will tell you “battery high,” “battery medium,” “battery low,” or “charge me.”

Multifunction/Power Button

The multifunction button represents one of the most significant operational differences between Xtrainerz and other AfterShokz headphones. 

Unlike other models, such as Aeropex and Air, Xtrainerz’ multifunction button is located between the volume buttons on the right arm. Also new for this model, Xtrainerz’ multifunction button serves as the “power on” and “power off” button. To power on the headphones, press and hold the multifunction/power button for three seconds and you’ll hear Audrey say “Welcome to AfterShokz” and “battery high,” “battery medium,” “battery low,” or “charge me.” To power off, press and hold the multifunction/power button for three seconds and you’ll hear Audrey say “power off.”

Xtrainerz’ multifunction button also initiates “play” and “pause” functionalities, so you can start and stop your music and podcasts by using your right thumb to press the multifunction button once. 

Mode Button

Xtrainerz has a new button to help you switch between play modes and EQ settings. The mode button is located on the back of the control panel (which contains the volume and multifunction buttons), where the band meets the button housing. To access the mode button while wearing Xtrainerz, reach your right thumb up behind the control panel and you’ll feel a small, oval-shaped button, just underneath the band.

To switch between normal, repeat, and shuffle modes, simply click the mode button once to cycle through each option. Normal mode plays your music in order from the first file to the last, repeat mode plays the same file over and over, and shuffle mode randomly plays through the audio files stored on your Xtrainerz. 

Xtrainerz also has two different EQ settings: general mode, for listening above water, and Swimming mode, which changes the pitch to make Xtrainerz easier to hear underwater. press and hold the mode button for two seconds to change between general mode and swimming mode, and Audrey will let you know which mode you’re currently using.

Button Combinations: Bringing It All Together

We also added a few button combos to help you easily navigate between folders and languages. To open or close a folder, press and hold the volume- and multifunction buttons for two seconds and Audrey will say “play current folder” or “play all folder.” (For more information about adding songs and folders, check out How to Upload and Swap Music on Your Xtrainerz). 

To skip to the next folder, press and hold the volume+ and multifunction buttons for two seconds when you’re in the “play current folder” setting and Audrey will say “next folder.” And if you’re looking to change languages, press and hold the volume+ and volume- buttons for two seconds to cycle between English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. 

As you can tell, there’s a TON you can do with your Xtrainerz – above or below the waterline. Now you can transport, access, and play all the audio content you need to get you through those long swim sessions.

If you haven’t snagged a pair yet, or if you know someone who should take open-ear listening to new depths, grab a pair of Xtrainerz here! If you need additional help with your Xtrainerz, reach out to our Customer Happiness Team here.