Woman on video call wearing OpenComm headset
Woman on video call wearing OpenComm headset
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How To Use OpenComm With Video Chatting Software

These days, working remotely has become the new normal for professionals and companies alike. Many businesses have turned to teleconferencing as opposed to in-person meetings or conference calls due to the pandemic, and there’s no end in sight for this Zoom revolution! With that being said, it’s important to know how to connect your AfterShokz OpenComm headset to video chatting software or web conferencing platforms in case you find yourself needing to do some troubleshooting. Learn how to use your AfterShokz for web conferencing and take on your next virtual meeting like the pro you are!

If you’re having trouble using your AfterShokz with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or any other video application: 

  1. Start by checking your Windows sound settings
  2. Make sure “Headphones (OpenComm by AfterShokz)” is selected as your output device
  3. Make sure “Headset (OpenComm by AfterShokz)” is selected as your input device
  4. Next, open the speaker or device settings for the application you are using and make sure OpenComm is selected as your audio device
  5. Select “Headset (OpenComm by AfterShokz)” as both your speaker and microphone


  • OpenComm is compatible with both Apple and Windows operating systems.
  • Due to the way these web conferencing applications function, some of the controls on the headset may not work with your program. For instance, to mute a video call, you will need to use the mute function within Zoom or Microsoft Teams rather than holding both volume buttons for two seconds. To get the best use out of your video conferencing platform, be sure to get familiar with the application interface before you start taking and making calls or meetings
  • If you are having trouble adjusting the volume of your video call, you can adjust your volume within the Advanced Sound Settings of the program. 

Still need headphone or headset help? Contact our Customer Support team by using the orange widget on the lower right-hand corner of your screen. 

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