How To Store Your AfterShokz Headphones
How To Store Your AfterShokz Headphones
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How To Store Your AfterShokz Headphones

So you finally took the plunge and bought yourself some AfterShokz headphones. You’re feeling all fly, jamming out to your favourite tunes...but then you start to think to yourself, “How am I supposed to keep my AfterShokz just as safe as they keep me?” 

All AfterShokz headphones include a case with purchase, but you may be looking for something a little more durable; that’s where AfterShokz cases come in. Depending on what model you have and what your needs are, there are a couple of different headphone storage options when it comes to choosing a case: 

Large Storage Case

Our large storage case comes in a multi-purpose size with a zipper closure and hard-shell exterior that keeps your headphones, accessories, and other essentials protected. This one is great for all you organization enthusiasts out there; you can fit two pairs of AfterShokz, all your charging cables, plus other essentials such as chapstick, hair ties, small snacks, etc. For those of you keeping it old school who are still rolling with your Bluez 2S, this is also the only storage case that the Bluez will fit in. 

Small Storage Case 

Our small storage case comes with the same zipper closure and hard-shell exterior as the large storage case, but in a smaller size for easy portability. Simply put your favourite pair of AfterShokz headphones (along with their charging cable and earplugs) in the case, and your headphones will be protected from any element! All headphone models except Bluez 2S can fit in our small storage case. 

Now that we’ve covered your carrying case options, let’s talk about how to keep your AfterShokz in tip-top shape. You should be storing your headphones in a cool, dry place between 32 and 113 degrees F. Storing them for long periods of time in an overly cool, hot, or humid environment may reduce the battery life.

We also recommend wiping them down with a damp cloth after use to prevent damage caused by the buildup of sweat, sunscreen, or bug spray. After this, make sure to wipe down your headphones with a soft, dry cloth before storing to make sure there’s no residual moisture. 

Have any further questions about how you should be storing your AfterShokz? Please reach out to our Customer Happiness Team at