How To Stay Safe While You Run
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How To Stay Safe While You Run

Whether you’re on the treadmill, on the trails, or gearing up for your next big race, running is an accessible sport that releases endorphins, bridges gaps, and brings people together. However, as with any form of physical activity, running doesn’t come without its risks. So don’t become a poor, unfortunate soul; read on for our tips and precautions on how to keep running as fun and safe as possible! 


Wear AfterShokz Open-Ear Headphones 

A run isn’t a run without your favorite tunes, but blocking yourself off from the world around you (especially while running outdoors) is never a good idea. You don’t want to find yourself caught off guard by a vehicle, cyclist, or off-leash dog. That’s where open-ear headphones like AfterShokz Aeropex come in; using bone conduction technology and featuring an 8-hour battery life and waterproof protection, you are able to listen to your audio while still staying aware of your surroundings for a safer running experience. 


Run During Daylight If Possible 

Running in a well-populated area during the daytime is ideal because you’re more visible to motorists, less likely to be approached by anyone with bad intentions, and it’s easier to avoid tripping and possibly causing an injury!  However, everyone has different schedules, so if you can’t avoid running in the dark, be sure to wear a reflective safety vest or lights to ensure you’re able to be seen. 


Stay On The Sidewalk 

It’s always best to stay out of the street and on a sidewalk or shoulder, if possible, to limit the chances of an accident. However, if your route requires you to run in the road, always run facing oncoming traffic so you’re able to see anything heading your way! 


Dress For The Weather 

Nothing can ruin a good run faster than overheating or getting frostbite! Be sure to check out the temperature and weather conditions before you head out on your run. If it’s cold try to dress in easily removable layers, and if it’s hot opt for lightweight, loose-fitting clothing. 


Run With A Buddy or Tell A Friend

There’s safety in numbers, so it’s always best to run with a friend, a local running group, or even your dog whenever possible! If you prefer to go solo, always tell a friend where you’re planning on running or share your location with a trusted individual. 


Make Time For Recovery

Running safety isn’t just important during your run; it also means focusing on your personal health and ensuring you’re in tip-top shape! Incorporating stretching, rolling, and cool-downs into your running routine is vital for decreasing your risk of injury on the road or trails and keeping you safe.   

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