Image showing size difference of Aeropex Mini wireless headphones
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How To Know If Aeropex Mini Is Right For You

The wait for Aeropex Mini is finally over. The 0.5-inch smaller version of our endurance sports headphone Aeropex is here, and now it’s time to figure out if Aeropex Mini is right for you. Check out a few different ways to determine if Aeropex Mini is the right fit for you and your lifestyle with these helpful things to consider below:

Aeropex Mini may be the perfect fit for you if: 

  • You’re buying a gift for a child or teen
  • You have a smaller head size
  • You just enjoy headphones with a more snug fit 

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not Aeropex Mini is the right size for you, try measuring with our handy sizing guide using household items below. 

How To Measure Using A Household Item: 

  1. Grab a tailor’s measuring tape. If you don’t have one, get a flexible cable (e.g. USB cable), and a ruler. Then, follow these step‑by‑step instructions.
  1. If you’re using tailor's measuring tape, position the left side of the measuring tape behind the midway point of your left ear as shown in the picture.
  1. Hold the end of the tape still on the left side and pull the right side along the back of your head until it meets your right ear.
 Identify the point where the tool and the midway point of your right ear meet and remember your measurement. You could also use a cable.
  1. If you're using tailor's measuring tape, please identify the measurement. If you're using a cable, please straighten the cable and measure it with a ruler.


Your perfect fit is...

Aeropex Standard Size: If your measurement is more than 9.25 in (23.49 centimetres)  

Aeropex Mini Size: If your measurement is 9.25 inches (23.49 centimetres) or less

For more detailed Aeropex sizing instructions and a printable sizing tool, visit our website

Have more questions about AfterShokz Aeropex Mini wireless headphones? Please check out the AfterShokz Help Center.