How To Improve Your Swim With Xtrainerz
How To Improve Your Swim With Xtrainerz
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How To Improve Your Swim With Xtrainerz

Winter is around the corner, so it’s time to start training for one of our favourite indoor activities: swimming! Have no fear, your AfterShokz Xtrainerz are here to keep you moving! Let’s chat about how Xtrainerz make swimming more fun. These incredible headphones not only allow you to jam out while getting your swim on, but can also be a great training tool!


1. Kick it into high gear! 

Once you load your favourite tunes onto your Xtrainerz, you’re ready to hit the pool! Speedwork can be tiresome and lengthy; however, your Xtrainerz allow you to place your songs in any order you’d like. You can choose upbeat and faster songs for the sprinting and speed laps and slower, more mellow songs for warm-up and cooldown. This can help with both your rhythm and your heart rate.


2. Pain-free listening!

So many swimmers use earplugs when swimming to protect their ears from a common issue known as “swimmer’s ear.” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Xtrainerz don’t cover or enter your ear, allowing for painless listening, and your package will come with a pair of swimming earplugs.


3. Flip turns? No problem!

While other headphones might slide off or move around, we’re proud to say that our Xtrainerz are completely flip-turn-proof in the pool. No need to stop or slow down when you reach the pool wall. Go ahead, flip, and try it! We guarantee they will stay in place.


4. Technique is key! 

We know that, as athletes, we’re always trying to improve and better ourselves. Listening to motivating and informative podcasts is a huge help! Have you ever tried to listen to a swim podcast… while swimming? Try The Effortless Swimming Podcast or Swim Smooth and listen to professional coaches, Olympic swimmers, and more!


5. Water to land, easy! 

One of the best features about AfterShokz Xtrainerz is that you’re able to put them on before your swim, hop in, get your workout in, shower, and go to work all in the same pair of headphones! No need to take them off or even let them dry. Xtrainerz are what we like to call “a triathlete’s dream!” Check these headphones out in action! 

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