How To Charge Your Headphones
How To Charge Your Headphones
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How To Charge Your Headphones

When you unbox your AfterShokz headphones, they’ll be 50 percent charged. To reach 100 percent, you’ll need to charge them for roughly one hour.

Most of our headphones can be charged using a micro USB cable. A micro USB cable is included with the headphones; however, any micro USB cable will do the trick!

The charging port on the headphones is located under a protective rubber flap. You’ll need to peel back this flap to insert the cable.

You can plug the USB end into a computer or a USB wall charger. The charger cannot exceed 5 volts or 2 amps.

When fully charged, the LED will turn blue.

To protect your headphones from damage, moisture, or debris, remember to secure the protective rubber flap over the charging port back in place. Please allow time for your headphones to air dry from rain, snow or sweat before you begin charging.

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