Woman wearing AfterShokz OpenMove wireless bone conduction headphones
Woman wearing AfterShokz OpenMove wireless bone conduction headphones
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How To Change The EQ Settings on AfterShokz OpenMove

Our new AfterShokz wireless headphone model, OpenMove, released recently, and you might have some questions about how it works. While AfterShokz OpenMove has many of the signature features that make AfterShokz so unique, like advanced bone conduction technology and an open-ear fit, there are a few new additions that could use some explanation. 

One of the features that is new and unique to OpenMove is the addition of three different EQ settings you can toggle between for a more customized listening experience based on environmental surroundings. Keep reading to learn all about the OpenMove EQ settings and learn how to change the EQ on OpenMove in a few easy steps! 

What is an EQ setting? 

The acronym EQ is short for “equalizer”, which is an audio filter that isolates certain sound frequencies and then boosts, lowers, or leaves them unchanged. This is basically just a fancy way of saying that EQ settings make your desired audio choice sound better. 


What EQ settings can I choose from with OpenMove? 

OpenMove has three different EQ settings to choose from: Standard, Vocal Booster, and Earplug. 

Standard EQ Setting: Standard is the AfterShokz EQ setting you’ll probably be using the majority of the time; this is for when you’re using your headphones regularly and listening to music. 

Vocal Booster Setting: Vocal Booster Mode is AfterShokz’s newest EQ setting, designed specifically for OpenMove. Use Vocal Booster mode while listening to a podcast or audiobook to boost the human voice acoustics. 

Earplug EQ Setting: All AfterShokz wireless headphone models come equipped with earplugs for those times you don’t want to hear your surroundings. Use this mode when your earplugs are in for improved sound quality. 

How do I switch between EQ modes?

To switch between EQ modes, simply press and hold the Volume+ and Volume- buttons for 3 seconds while audio is playing. You’ll hear Audrey (the headphones voice assistant) announce either “Standard Mode”, “Vocal Booster Mode”, or “Earplug Mode”. 

OpenMove is available for $129.95 in Slate Grey and Alpine White on aftershokz.ca

For more help with your OpenMove headphones, please visit us at our Help Center