How To Change AfterShokz Sound Settings
How To Change AfterShokz Sound Settings
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How To Change AfterShokz Sound Settings

All AfterShokz models come equipped with EQ settings for your audio enjoyment. But what is an EQ setting, and how do you change it? Keep reading for tips on how to adjust the sound settings on your AfterShokz. 

What is an EQ setting? 
The acronym EQ is short for “equalizer,” which is an audio filter that isolates certain sound frequencies and then boosts, lowers, or leaves them unchanged. This is basically just a fancy way of saying that EQ settings make your desired audio choice sound better. 

Which EQ settings can I choose between? 
All AfterShokz Bluetooth-enabled models come with two EQ settings; “Standard” (regular use) and “Earplug” (for use when earplugs are inserted for improved sound quality). 

OpenMove is the only AfterShokz product that comes with three EQ settings, including an additional “Vocal Booster” mode that’s perfect for podcasts or audiobooks. 

How do I switch between EQ modes? 
To switch between EQ modes on Bluetooth models, simply press and hold the Volume(+) and Volume(-) buttons for 3 seconds while audio is playing. You’ll hear Audrey (the headphone’s voice assistant) announce either “Standard Mode,” “Vocal Booster Mode,” or “Earplug Mode." 

Is there a way to change the bass on my AfterShokz? 
Besides the EQ settings, there is no way to change the sound settings directly on your AfterShokz. However, you may be able to adjust sound preferences in your device’s sound settings. For example, the iPhone has a “bass booster” setting that can be turned on to increase bass. Please refer to your device’s user manual for more information. 

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