Photo of a man doing yoga on the beach while wearing Shokz OpenRun wireless headphones
Photo of a man doing yoga on the beach while wearing Shokz OpenRun wireless headphones
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How Shokz is Making Headlines in the Press

Extra, extra! Shokz is making headlines in a variety of awesome publications and media platforms and you should read all about it! From The Hollywood Reporter to Popular Science, our open-ear audio products have been catching the eyes of media everywhere. Check out what just a few reporters had to say about Shokz in our most recent press moments. Already convinced? Shop all of our products on our website now here!

Women’s Health

“Ever heard of bone conduction? It transfers sound via vibration of your cheekbones (cool, huh?). That means nothing goes in or on your ear, which is safer for your hearing and when you're near traffic.” - Kristine Thomason and Jasmine Gomez, Women’s Health, Read More

Popular Science

“The OpenComm headphones prioritize clear communication using an adjustable DSP boom microphone that suppresses background noise and highlights your voice…. You can also stay on the call when you’re at a job site or keep connected during a busy commute, all without losing situational awareness.” - Carsen Joenk, Popular Science, Read More


“When you want to be acutely aware of your surroundings, the Shokz OpenRun Pro bone conduction headphones are uniquely designed to help you achieve that goal…. This is especially important when running or biking.” - Terri Williams, SELFRead More

Men’s Journal

“These innovative headphones are a safer way to experience your favourite tunes, audiobooks, or podcasts while engaging in sports and activities because they fully let in ambient sound.” - Adam Bible, Men’s Journal, Read More

The Hollywood Reporter

“...for runners who still want to hear the outside world without missing a beat of their music, Shokz’ OpenRun Pro Bluetooth Sport Headphones offers a lightweight option that fits comfortably on the outside of the ear and is sweat- and weather-resistant.” - Thomas Hindle and Danielle Directo-Meston, The Hollywood Reporter, Read More


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