How Music Affects Your Mood
How Music Affects Your Mood
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How Music Affects Your Mood

Music has always had a huge presence in our lives. It’s there when you go on a once-in-a-lifetime road trip with your friends. It’s there when your crush breaks your heart and you can’t stop listening to Adele. It’s even there when you need that final push over the finish line on race day. Music is our friend, our therapy, and our coach. 

So how exactly does music affect us?

Music has been a communication tool for our feelings and thoughts for a while now. However, today’s researchers have now suggested that it can even have a toll on how we actually feel. There’s a reason you start doing your happy dance when “Dancing Queen” comes on. It all comes down to neuromusicology, which explores how music affects the nervous system. As music enters the ear, it begins to engage with many different parts of our brains, which can affect your mood and also cause the occasional foot tap.

How do you know which music to choose to fit your mood?

Different types of music affect us differently. This is based on genre, rhythm, lyrics vs no lyrics, etc. Here’s a breakdown of activities and the music that matches.


If you are working on a task that requires focus and retaining information, it is recommended that you listen to music with no lyrics. Alternatively, if you are working on mundane tasks, listening to music with lyrics can actually help relieve boredom and boost productivity.

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Listening to music while working out can help you move faster and actually act as a natural pain reliever. Music can also affect the speed of your workout. Your brain synchronizes with the tempo of the music. Choose faster pace songs over time to help push yourself to that next goal.

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We’ve all turned to music when we are feeling a bit down. Some would suggest putting on a happy playlist to boost your mood. However, scientists suggest that listening to melancholy music can actually help you feel better. Listening to music that mirrors your circumstances resonates with us on a deeper level and acts as a form of therapy.

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All in all, music is more powerful than one might think. Have you had an experience where music has helped you push yourself, lift your mood, or comforted you? Share your story with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. For more great playlists, give us a follow on Spotify

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