How AfterShokz Is Changing Lives
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How AfterShokz Is Changing Lives

When Eric Small, an employee at one of our retailers, REI was handling AfterShokz products, it dawned on him that these headphones could change a life. Eric’s coworker, Natasha, who works to stock merchandise in the store's warehouse, was born deaf. With hearing aids, Natasha communicates mostly through sign language and lip reading and has never been able to experience music. When Eric insisted she tries them on, a reluctant Natasha’s life was changed forever.

Natasha had never been able to truly enjoy music. When a Bruno Mars song came blasting through the AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones, she immediately felt the vibration and more importantly, was able to hear the music. The sound brought tears to her eyes. After finding this life-changing product, she knew financially she wouldn’t be able to afford them. Thanks to her incredible team at REI, the employees surprised Natasha with a pair of AfterShokz Trekz Air and a thumb drive pre-downloaded with some of their favourite songs!

When it comes to hearing loss, everyone's situation is different. AfterShokz headphones can enhance the lives of some people with hearing loss; we've seen it firsthand, and the outcomes are incredible. Unlike traditional headphones that use air conduction to transmit sound through the eardrum, AfterShokz uses bone conduction technology to transmit sound via mini vibrations through the skull, to the inner ear, bypassing the eardrums. Since they sit outside the ear and not in or on the ear, people with hearing aids can easily, and comfortably wear AfterShokz headphones.

How have you benefited from wearing AfterShokz? To read more about Natasha’s incredible story, click here