How AfterShokz Can Help You Work From Home
How AfterShokz Can Help You Work From Home
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How AfterShokz Can Help You Work From Home

In a time when more and more businesses are making the move to remote employees and WFH (working from home) niche companies are seeing an unprecedented boom, it’s important to look at how our traditional office spaces may change or become obsolete in the future. For those who are currently working from home or anticipating doing so in the future, we’ve rounded up all the ways your AfterShokz can be your new favourite coworker. 

On Conference Calls 

When you live with roommates or a significant other, you probably won’t want to play your Zoom calls out loud for everyone to hear. Make sure you’re being considerate of others in your living space by taking your calls through your AfterShokz headphones! Premium audio and dual noise-cancelling mics ensure that all of your calls will be crystal-clear. 

When You Need Motivation 

If you’re missing the noise that comes with your usual office environment or you work better when listening to something, AfterShokz are your new best friend. Put on the soothing sounds of coffee shop background noise, or queue up the latest episode of your favourite podcast and get to work! Our headphones feature an open-ear design, so you’ll never miss a Slack notification. 

When The Kids Are Home 

We all know being a parent is a full-time job in itself, so when you’re working while the kids are around, it can definitely be a challenge! But don’t stress. That’s where your AfterShokz come in. You can listen to your favourite audiobook or album to get in the zone, but you’ll still be able to keep an eye (and an ear) on the kids playing in the house or backyard. 

When You Need To Focus 

Do you prefer to shut out everything else when you work to really hone in on the task at hand? No worries! Every AfterShokz headphones purchase comes with earplugs for when you don’t want to be open to your surroundings. Put them in and be alone with your audio and your work. 

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