How AfterShokz Can Help The Whole Family
How AfterShokz Can Help The Whole Family
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How AfterShokz Can Help The Whole Family

From birthdays to graduations to gift-giving holidays, there are plenty of reasons why you may need to buy a friend or family member a gift. No matter how thoughtful your gift-giving track record may be, at some point, you may feel like you’ve run out ideas. That’s where AfterShokz come in; our open-ear bone conduction headphones have benefits for every member of your family! Check out how AfterShokz wireless headphones make the perfect pick for everyone in the household.

AfterShokz For Parents: AfterShokz will be a parent's new favourite member of the family (we won’t tell if you won’t). Wear your Aeropex wireless headphones when you’re running errands or running outdoors on your own, at the kids’ sports games or while you’re working. 

Dual noise-cancelling microphones ensure that every phone call, whether it be from your children or your boss, is crystal-clear. Load up your playlists, podcasts, or audiobooks and rest assured that you’ll never miss a beat or a moment of your family’s lives. 

AfterShokz For Toddlers: If you’re like any other new family in Canada, your toddler-age child might spend a lot of their time glued to their screen, playing games or watching videos on YouTube. But do you really want to hear your kid listen to another kid unbox yet another toy? Probably not. That’s where AfterShokz come in. Hook your child up with a pair of Titanium Mini, and they’ll be able to listen to their show without bothering you, and still hear you call them for dinner! 

AfterShokz For Teens: Once your kid hits their teenage years, they become much more independent. Their everyday lives are now a flurry of sports practice, hanging out with friends, or sometimes just hanging by themselves. While it’s a hard realization that your babies are growing up, you can give yourself some peace of mind by making sure your teen or tween has AfterShokz open-ear headphones. 

Whether your child is playing video games, watching Netflix, going for a run, or skateboarding in the park, they can listen to their audio while staying safe and aware of their surroundings. They can also stay in constant communication with their family and friends by using their AfterShokz to make or take calls. Treat them to a summertime gift of sleek Air headphones and get them prepared for the upcoming school year.

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