How AfterShokz Can Help In A Dangerous Situation
How AfterShokz Can Help In A Dangerous Situation
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How AfterShokz Can Help In A Dangerous Situation

Safety has always been our driving force here at AfterShokz. It’s our biggest reason behind making the open-ear bone conduction headphones the world has come to know and love! Because of this, we’ve always been so grateful and honoured when our #ShokzSquad shares that their AfterShokz wireless headphones have kept them safe and aware of their surroundings in a potentially dangerous situation. Read the below stories from some of our AfterShokz customers to find out why we do what we do! 

“My AfterShokz I recently purchased and began using for trail running (Air model) saved me from significant injury. I was running in a park and heard a loud crack above me - as I looked up, a branch was falling and would have hit me in the head like a spear had I not hopped out of the way. Had I been wearing my traditional in-ear headphones I almost definitely would not have heard the crack and thus been injured. So, I am beyond happy with my AfterShokz!” - Craig

“As I was trail running this past weekend in Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee, the Air headphones [helped] to ‘save my life.’ I was rocking along to my favourite podcast when I heard a rustling in the leaves just before I stepped down on what I later found to be a copperhead snake. With traditional headphones, I would’ve never been able to hear the snake moving and might’ve had a pretty rough day. That experience alone pays for the headphones!” - Elias G. 

“Countless numbers of times I was able to hear approaching runners and cyclists while wearing the headphones all while jamming out to music. That’s pretty important to me because many times approaching people don’t exactly say they are passing. About a month ago, I heard approaching cyclists come up behind me while we were both on the sidewalk. 

They didn’t say anything, but because of the open-ear nature of AfterShokz headphones, I was able to hear them, look back and tell them to pass. All without me having a freakout moment of them passing me by surprise!” - Andrea H. 

“Thank God for rattlers on a rattlesnake. Also, thank AfterShokz for their open-ear headphones!! They allowed me to hear a rattlesnake on the trail and avoid him.” - Gary R. 

"I'm a paramedic, [and my old headphones broke before] the COVID-19 pandemic. For all COVID-19 positive and suspended COVID-19 patients, we are dressing in a full protective Tyvek suit including a hood. I can pair my [AfterShokz] headphones to my phone and pair my EKO stethoscope with my phone. 

I can still hear lung sounds and heart sounds without removing my suit to use my stethoscope. Your headphones don't block your ears so you can still hear your patients and your team." - AfterShokz User

How have your AfterShokz wireless headphones helped you out of a dangerous situation? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter