How AfterShokz Can Be The Best Study Buddy
How AfterShokz Can Be The Best Study Buddy
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How AfterShokz Can Be The Best Study Buddy

Summer is almost over, which means the school year will soon be in full swing. Back to school is surrounded by a lot of uncertainty this year, but one thing is still for sure: you or your child are still going to have to study. Whether you’re spending time on campus or going from one Zoom class to the next, AfterShokz wireless headphones are sure to be your favourite study buddy. 

Use AfterShokz When Walking Around Campus 

AfterShokz are your best bet for staying aware while you walk around either a college campus or through the halls of a high school. Throw on your Air headphones, whose lightweight open-ear design is perfect for listening to your tunes while still being able to hear cyclists, runners,  or to chat with your friends or professors during passing periods! You’ll also be able to stimulate your mind on the commute to your next class with audiobooks, podcasts, or even class notes from your voice memos. 

Use AfterShokz In the Virtual Classroom

Aeropex bone conduction headphones make Zoom classes and virtual activities a breeze. The high-quality sound allows you to pay attention to your professor or teacher without interrupting family or roommates who may be working close by. The dual noise-cancelling mics ensure that you can participate in class with crystal clear ease and never miss a beat! 

Use AfterShokz For Doing Homework 

For many people, listening to music (especially music without lyrics) while studying or doing homework can enhance concentration. Upload some Lo-Fi, instrumentals, or classical music onto your Xtrainerz and hit the books! As an added bonus, Xtrainerz has MP3 internal music storage instead of Bluetooth with a 4GB capacity (about 1,200 songs), so you can leave your phone behind while you study to make sure you’re staying focused. 

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