Holiday Recipes From Team AfterShokz
Holiday Recipes From Team AfterShokz
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Holiday Recipes From Team AfterShokz

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to whip up those memorable meals for you and your guests! Bringing friends and family into the kitchen to cook together is a fantastic way to create lasting traditions and unforgettable memories. To get into the holiday spirit, we asked Team AfterShokz to share some of their tried and true holiday recipes with you.


 Pizzelle Recipe

It’s a tradition for Maria, our Graphic Designer, to make these pizzelle cookies every holiday season with her mom!


 Apple Crumble Recipe

Jordan, our Social Media Coordinator, and her family love to bake this delicious apple crumble recipe for dessert. Even if they’re stuffed from dinner, she says there's always room for some apple crumble (topped with ice cream of course!).



You can count on Donnie, our Social Media Engagement Coordinator, to pour up these festive spritzers for him and his relatives.


 Baked Brie Recipe

Marketing Coordinator, Rachel, makes this baked brie appetizer for her family and friends. By getting creative with different jams and toppings, she makes the same dish with a different spin each year. Also, serving with apples is a great healthier dipping alternative to crackers.


Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe

Social Media Editor, Colin, says this sweet potato casserole is a statement dish at the dinner table every Christmas.

Have any holiday recipes you and your crew swear by or are you planning to try one of our favourites? Let us know by tagging @AfterShokzCAN on social media.