Canadian ShokzStar Megan Hits The Slopes With AfterShokz
Canadian ShokzStar Megan Hits The Slopes With AfterShokz
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Canadian ShokzStar Megan Hits The Slopes With AfterShokz

Meet one of our Canadian ShokzStars, Megan! Megan is tearing up the slopes with her AfterShokz in tow. We talked to Megan about competitive skiing, situational awareness on the slopes and more.

AfterShokz: When did you start skiing?

Megan: I learned to ski when I was 3 or 4. I started in the Nancy Greene ski league when I was 8, and continued racing progressively from there.

AfterShokz: What’s your favourite thing about the sport?

Megan: I am not sure I can put into words exactly what it is that I have always loved about this sport. There is something about the crisp air in the early mornings, the way your skis connect with the snow, the speed and the constant drive to be stronger and faster that has sucked me in. It gives you a chance to both be social on the chairlift, and enjoy the solitude and focus on your way down.

AfterShokz: What are your everyday skiing essentials?

Megan: I keep it simple on the hill! A comfortable helmet with great goggles, warm mittens, and my AfterShokz are all I need.

AfterShokz: Did you always wear headphones when skiing?

Megan: Not always! When I wore earbuds, I used to only wear them when I was training which required complete focus, and there was less social interaction. I have more flexibility when I wear my AfterShokz. I also don’t wear headphones when I teach. Those little ones talk a mile a minute, and you don’t want to miss it!

AfterShokz: How does wearing AfterShokz headphones change the sport for you?

Megan: AfterShokz allow me to have the focus and solitude that I love (and need!) at the hill, but still allow me to interact with friends and other skiers on the chairlift and with my coaches. I also enjoy that I can still hear the way my skis are interacting with the snow. I think this helps to keep me better balanced.

AfterShokz: Do AfterShokz headphones fit well under your helmet? Any tips you can share for wearing our headphones with a helmet?

Megan: I find the Trekz Titanium work best with my helmets because the titanium band at the back sits lower, and beneath my helmet. It’s easy to put your AfterShokz on, and then your helmet overtop. I’ve never had any issues.

AfterShokz: What type of music do you listen to when on the mountain?

Megan: This depends on my mood! I will listen to classical when I have a lot of thinking to do and when I’m focused on training for a race I have something faster paced to up the energy levels!

AfterShokz: Does music help you focus when going downhill?

Megan: Music helps me focus in all aspects of life. It helps me focus while skiing, and to think hard about what I need to do better/my coach's advice on my way back up.

AfterShokz: Any advice for people who are hesitant to listen to music on the slopes?

Megan: Always be aware of your surroundings and make sure to look up the hill!

AfterShokz: Are there any other snow activities you use your AfterShokz for?

Megan: Hiking and snowshoeing! It’s great because you can always hear other people, wildlife and snowmobiles.