Five Must-Have Items to Kick-Start Your Resolutions
Five Must-Have Items to Kick-Start Your Resolutions
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Five Must-Have Items to Kick-Start Your Resolutions

We believe that New Year’s resolutions can happen throughout the year—there’s no bad time to try something new or make your life a little healthier. But it always feels good to start a new year off with fresh goals, doesn’t it?

 For the athlete in training or recovery, these are our must-have products to get a jump on those resolutions.


You should always have your favourite music or podcasts on hand when you’re in the throes of training or recovery. It can be hard to stay motivated if you don’t enjoy the workouts, right? Xtrainerz are designed to get you through every challenge, no matter how tough.

The best part? They’re waterproof! So, whether you’re eyeing a multisport event later in the year or trying to get into the pool more, you won’t be without tunes.

 Roll Recovery R8

This is the year you’re going to stretch and foam roll, right? Right? Kick back and binge-watch your favourite shows while you embrace the recovery life with a deep-tissue massage. Unlike traditional foam rollers, Roll Recovery R8 can massage from all angles.

 Instant Pot

Trying to eat better is probably one of the most popular resolutions, but it can be tricky knowing where to start. The Instant Pot makes it easy to try new recipes and cook healthy meals quickly. Sometimes the only thing missing from a healthier lifestyle is the right tools.

 The Runner’s World Vegetarian Cookbook

Looking for a little inspiration to help you eat healthier? The Runner’s World Vegetarian Cookbook isn’t just for vegetarians or runners. It has 150 recipes created for people who want to eat more plants and fuel their activities.

 Hydro Flask 32-ounce Bottle

Athletes (and everyone else) can always benefit from drinking more water. In the colder months especially, it’s easy to let hydration fall by the wayside because you’re not sweating as much. Keep this Hydro Flask—straw included!—with you for all-day sipping. It’ll be sure to keep your water cold and refreshing. Shop even more water bottles for all your hydration needs on the Hydro Flask website

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