Fitspo for the Whole Fam
Fitspo for the Whole Fam
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Fitspo for the Whole Fam

Being active as a family has so many mental and physical benefits. It’s important to lead by example and instill healthy behaviours in children at a young age. In today’s society where children are constantly exposed to technology that has them staring at a screen, it can be difficult to pry them away and get them excited about exercise. Doing things as a family that incorporates physical activity is an excellent way for you to get your kids moving and sneak in the recommended one-plus hours of daily physical activity. Let these ideas inspire you to get fit with the fam!

Have an impromptu family dance party.

Encourage kids to get up and dance. Crank up the music and get down as a family!

Get your kids digging in the garden.

Bring your kids to the backyard and garden together. It’s a fun and informative way to teach kids about nutrition if you’re planting greens.

Be adventurous on wheels.

Whether in your neighbourhood or at a local park, get your family out for a leisurely bike ride while the weather is still nice.

Train as a family for a charity walk or run.

Sign up for a local 5k. Get involved in your community and help make a difference!

Being able to listen to music while doing some of these activities will make the experience even more enjoyable for your kids. AfterShokz has headphones designed with the whole family in mind. For your kids, check out our Trekz Titanium Mini -- the shorter headband was designed with our smaller #ShokzSquadCAN members in mind.

How do you stay active with your family? Let us know by sharing on social media and tagging @AfterShokzCAN.