Fitness Myths Debunked
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Fitness Myths Debunked

Hi, #ShokzSquadCAN! It’s Personal Trainer and Wellness Consultant Maeghan back with my monthly blog series. With so many fitness myths circulating, I wanted to debunk a few of the most popular ones for you!

Spot Reduction

To be straight forward with you, this is a pretty ridiculous myth. I understand the want to flatten your stomach, or tighten up your legs, make your arms slimmer, etc. but do not let fancy wraps and pills or isolation workouts trick you into thinking you can trim the fat in one particular area. Fat loss and gain are full body events. The way to lose fat in one area of your body is to work to lose fat all over. If you put in the time and effort needed you will see results!

Weight Lifting Will Make Me Bulky

I hear this every single day, all day long. Women will come into my office and tell me that they want to tone but don’t want to get big and bulky. Well, this is an easy one; it won’t happen without a lot of supplemental and/or steroidal assistance. The female body does not contain enough testosterone to support the amount of muscle mass building that would be needed to bulk up as men do. If you wanted to bulk up, you could eat an unnecessary excess of calories and rock some crazy intense strength workouts, but unless you’re doing that on purpose, you should be just fine!

Machines Are Better Than Free Weights

Now, before I get going, please know that I am in no way knocking machines. I use them in my workouts, to train my clients once in a while and I recommend them to individuals in certain situations all of the time. But just like everything, they have their drawbacks. One big downfall of a machine is that you cannot always achieve the desired range of motion, and getting in or out of position can sometimes be uncomfortable. Weight distribution is another thing to consider. Doing a Back Row on a machine may feel a little bit different than if you were to use just a cable and a bar attachment. Machines are not all bad, there are times where they work well, but also times where you are much better off using free weights and having your core stabilize you!

Do you have any fitness myths you’d like to get to the bottom of? Reach out and let us know @AfterShokzCAN!