Find the Perfect AfterShokz Bundle for You
Find the Perfect AfterShokz Bundle for You
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Find the Perfect Bundle For You

We know that having all of your workout or travel essentials in one place is key to fitness success. That is precisely why we created a bundle for every workout scenario you might encounter. Our bundles ensure that you are ready to tackle your workout of choice and whatever life brings your way after. They also make a great gift for that special athlete in your life.

Each bundle is available for purchase with both of our wireless options - Trekz Air and Trekz Titanium. Find the perfect one for you and a friend!


This bundle is perfect for athletes who want to go the distance. It includes accessories and essentials for before, during, and after your workout.

Reflective Sport Belt: You no longer have to worry about finding a place to stash your wallet, phone, or keys while exercising! This stylish sport belt matches the colour of your Trekz!

Water Bottle: We’ve got your hydration needs covered with our 16 oz. stainless steel insulated water bottle.

Cooling Towel: Post-workout, our unique cooling towel will put you on the fast-track to recovery.

Shoe Bag: Keep those sweaty and stinky shoes in their place post-workout!



The Adventure Bundle is ideal for triathletes or athletes who don’t know where their workout might take them. It has some great essential to keep your belongings clean and dry on your next outdoor adventure - whether that’s kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, backpacking, or more.

Dry Bag: Dirt, dust, sand, or snow, this 10L dry bag ensures that your belongings are safe and DRY.

Multifunctional headwear: Manage heat and moisture with this headwear that can be worn 12 different ways – from cap to balaclava, neck gaiter to hair tie!

Water Bottle: No matter where your adventures take you, stay hydrated with our 16 oz. stainless steel insulated water bottle.



The Tech Bundle is perfect for our jetsetters and business travellers. Techies will never be left without a charge for their AfterShokz and their bodies! Plus, added accessories are there to keep you and your AfterShokz safe, connected and charged on and off the plane

PopSocket: No phone drops around here! Our PopSocket ensures you have a secure grip on your phone, so you can snap pics and text carefree.

Storage Case: Easily carry and protect your headphones and valuables with our storage case.

Power Bank: You’ll always be with a charge with our portable power bank!  You can charge ALL of your electronics on-the-go.

Insulated Tumbler: You need a re-charge just as much as your electronics do! This 11-oz tumbler keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature - hot or cold!



Golf lovers rejoice (and friends of golf lovers rejoice!) We’ve created a bundle engineered just for you and your golf-loving crew. The Golf Bundle makes the perfect gift (Father’s Day and Graduation anyone?) for the golfer in your life.

Callaway Golf Balls: 12 top-of-the-line golf balls are key to your golfing success. These aerodynamic balls are engineered to increase the distance on every swing!

Hat: Shield the sun from your eyes and head with this AfterShokz branded hat.

Cotton Velour Towel: Don’t let the sun put a damper on your game performance. This towel will ensure that you can wipe sweat from your hands and face with ease.