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Explain Like I'm 5: Solar Panels

Pop quiz: What is solar energy? If your answer was “electrical energy produced from the sun”, give yourself a gold star. Many of us have heard of solar energy and have a general idea of what it is. You may even recognize those flashy panels on rooftops as solar panels. Now for today’s extra credit question: How does solar energy really work? If this question leaves you stumped, don’t sweat it! Solar energy production isn’t the easiest topic to understand.

In our latest podcast series, Explain Like I'm 5, created with our friends at BibRave, we take seemingly complicated topics and break them down so that any of us—even a five-year-old—can understand them. The ELI5 concept is a take on the popular Reddit subthread by the same name in which people ask experts to explain complicated topics in a language that could be understood by anyone. Our first ELI5 episode demystified bone conduction, a concept we’re personally invested in here at AfterShokz. 

For this episode, Explain Like I'm 5: Solar Energy, we use that same ELI5 tactic to shed light on the topic of solar energy and panels. The episode features Holland Smith, a semiconductor data systems expert who knows a thing or two about electricity and how it is conducted. Holland simplifies solar energy into easy-to-understand terms, literally relating the process to a child’s playground. You’ll learn how a solar cell is similar to a sliding board and how the kids in a playground are like electrons filled with untapped electrical energy. Holland also explains the roadblocks that have kept solar energy from becoming more widespread in the energy market.

ELI5: Solar Panels answers all of your burning (pun intended) solar energy questions and breaks down this topic to be easily understood. We hope you enjoy this episode of ELI5: Solar Panels. Download it here and be sure to let us know what you think on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter