putting it all together
putting it all together
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Escape from Alcatraz: Putting it all together

We are getting to the point in my training where the mileage keeps increasing, and the attention to detail is critical. Mismanaging any small element of my training could result in injury, or worse, falling behind my brother's training!

This spring and summer have already been quite a wild ride. It all started by signing up for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon and then trying to figure out how I was going to do better than the last time I competed. After I came to grips that I was doing this crazy race again, I found a coach to help me get all of my training into my already jam-packed schedule. Shout out to Coach Gareth for helping with that piece!! And lately, I’ve been battling out my demons on the bike while staying focused on my strong suit, the swim.

I’ve enjoyed all of my training so far, and for the most part, feel like I’m right on track to hit my goal at The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, which is to, unlike last time, finish the race STRONG! Swimming is by far my strongest discipline right now, and unsurprisingly, my bike fitness is probably a little behind where I’d want it to be.

How I’ve kept it all moving forward

Every day I am working towards the ultimate goal of a successful day at the Escape from Alcatraz Tri, and kicking my brother's butt in the process! Because of my busy schedule, I have relied heavily on my coach to keep pushing my fitness forward, strengthening my weaknesses, and keeping my head in the game.

Having a coach has proven to be a game changer for me this season. The training schedule he prepared for me has allowed me to plan for each workout and dedicate the appropriate amount of time to my training. I talk through the training with him every other week, and like most coaches, he plays an equal part therapist and triathlon coach.

Keeping my head in the game

During a long training block for a big race, sometimes it’s easy to let your mind slip and lose focus on your goals. Luckily for me, I have my brother as a major piece of motivation leading into Alcatraz race day. We are incredibly competitive, so we both love to rub it in when we do a big training day or when we know the other is slacking.

It’s also just really nice to have someone to relate to while training for a race. He’s an incredible athlete, and he always impresses me with his ability to throw down a long bike ride or run.

Getting the equipment ready for race day

Getting my gear race day ready is going to be one of my final priorities leading into June. For the bike that includes having it professionally serviced and tuned up, my fit checked, and overall just making sure the bike will perform how I want it to on race morning. You can’t be too cautious when it comes to bike maintenance, because even the smallest issue can ruin your race! I’ll also pick up a new pair of running shoes, so I have a chance to run in them a few times before race day.

What’s next

From here, it’s hopefully all smooth sailing; I will turn down the weekly distance and intensity, allowing my body to repair and strengthen during the taper phase.

I cannot wait to jump off the barge (okay, that water is FREEZING, maybe I can wait) and get this race underway. I've had one of the best training seasons of my life, and it’s been incredibly special to be able to share this buildup with my brother. I am looking forward to beating him on June 9th, but most importantly to celebrating with him at the finish line for a race well done!