Earplugs 101
Earplugs 101
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Earplugs 101

With the purchase of either Air or Titanium, you will receive a pair of foam earplugs along with your new headphones. Our Customer Happiness Team gets a lot of questions regarding the earplugs, and we’re here to answer them!

AfterShokz products provide a safe way to tune in without tuning out your surroundings. So, why earplugs you ask? There are times when you’re in a safe environment, and you want to block out ambient noises. Mom’s vacuuming during your Netflix binge? Son learning the drums? We get it.

We also recommend earplug usage if you work in an industry where you want to preserve your hearing and listen to music, such as landscaping and construction. You’re able to maintain your concentration while listening to music and podcasts.

Believe it or not, there is a technique for inserting earplugs correctly. To begin, start by rolling the foam earplugs between your index finger and thumb. The trick is to make them smaller so they can be easily inserted into the ear canal. Next, lift your ear, then gently tug backward. Lastly, insert the plugs slowly.

Now that you’ve got your earplugs all set, it’s time to adjust your AfterShokz. When you receive your headphones, the default setting is programmed for the open-ear design, so you’re going to want to modify the settings. Need help adjusting your EQ settings?

  1. Start with your headphones on and music playing.
  2. Press and hold the “+” and the “-” volume buttons.
  3. Audrey will say “Equalization Changed.”

After a few uses, we advise throwing out and replacing the earplugs. Our Chief Technology Officer carefully selected the earplugs included in the boxes- if you’re looking for the same ones provided in your headphones box, you can find them here. Any foam earplugs will get the job done!

For more information about earplugs or any other AfterShokz items, please contact our Customer Happiness Team at hello@aftershokz.com.