Cyber Monday Fit Guide
Cyber Monday Fit Guide
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Cyber Monday Fit Guide

Are you participating in Cyber Monday this year? We are! 🙋 If you're stumped on what to buy, don't sweat it. We scoured the internet so you didn't have to and we found great deals on some of our fave fitness products that will go perfectly with your AfterShokz headphones! Whether you're searching for the perfect present or shopping for yourself, there's a fit gift for everyone and this Cyber Monday, they're all on sale! Check it out:

1. Garmin vívosmart® HR

Original Price: $149.99 / Deal: $99.00 

This tiny activity tracker will do it all for the Cyber Monday price of $99.00. Track your heart rate, steps, calories, distances, and more! It will even learn your current activity level and assign you a fitness goal! It's normally $149.99 but it's on sale for $99.00 this Cyber Monday. Shop now! 

2. The Shield

Original Price: $79.99 / Deal: 20% off with promo code. 

If your New Year's resolution is to eat healthier, this meal prep bag could be your new best friend. Keep your meals organized and all in one place with this bag. Plus, there's room for a book and keys. Shop now!

3. Eko Superlite™ Travel Mat 

Original Price: $40 / Deal: $30. 

#StopDropAndYoga wherever you are with this super lightweight yoga mat! This is the perfect gift for the active adventurer. Shop now!

4. Lume Smart Leggings

Original Price: $90 / Deal: Save $49. 

Tuck away your phone + go hands-free with these smart leggings by Lume! If you like to stay connected to your phone or listen to music at the gym, try pairing this find with our wireless Trekz Titanium headphoneShop now!

5. Trigger Point Foam Roller


Original Price: $39.99 / Deal: 25% off your order + free shipping

Relax sore muscles with this trigger point foam roller! Buy online today and receive 25% off your order. Shop now!

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