CMO Kim Fassetta is lacing up to knock off another bucket list item
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CMO Kim Fassetta is lacing up to knock off another bucket list item

When I started working for AfterShokz I was introduced to an amazing community of runners. While I played softball and was always into sports growing up, I was never a “runner.” So, seeing how much the running community welcomed AfterShokz as part of their daily routine was so inspiring. Right away I knew I wanted to take on running so that I could feel even more connected to our amazing crew of AfterShokz fans who are out there multiple days a week. While I still struggle to call myself a “runner”, I hit the pavement once or twice a week these days, participate in 5 and 10Ks when I can, and found so much joy in the completion of my first half marathon in San Francisco last summer.

After seeing so many members of our #ShokzSquadCA take on 42 kms through the years, I’ve become super curious to learn what it feels like. The journey, the power, the accomplishment. With my big 4-0 on the horizon this November, it felt the perfect time for a big goal, so I’ve committed to running a Marathon. My first Marathon. Holy shit. Obviously, I’m going to need some help! So, my friends at BibRave and the Honolulu Marathon have convinced me that crossing the finish line in Waikiki will be the ultimate motivation. I also have a partner in crime. BibRave Director of Accounts, and 7-time Marathoner, Andy Wallace was feeling uninspired by falling into the same Fall Marathon routine, so he’s agreed to join me and pace me on this crazy adventure! We have an amazing coach lined up in Chris Heuisler, Global RunWestin Concierge extraordinaire and 33-Marathon veteran, and we’re ready to tackle our training journey to paradise.

BUT, we don’t want to do it alone. We want the rest of our AfterShokz community to get in on this action.
I know that training is going to require a lot of support from my family (my husband Mike and my 5-year old son Rocco are ALL IN), but I also plan to garner strength from our fine #ShokzSquadCA along the way. If I’ve learned anything from all of you, it’s that running a Marathon will change my life. I’m thrilled/anxious/excited (all the feels!) for this change, and hope y’all will join me on this journey.