Ready or Not, Chicago Marathon - Here We Come!
Ready or Not, Chicago Marathon - Here We Come!
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Ready or Not, Chicago Marathon - Here We Come!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is kicking off this weekend, and the Pink Ladies of AfterShokz are stuffing our bags with as much pink swag as we can get our hands on leading up to the Chicago Marathon next week.

Woman in a pink gown

Making an appearance at these marathon events is always a major home run for AfterShokz, and we’re so pumped to be heading to our biggest one yet. Why, you ask? Let’s set the scene.

Opening curtains

You’re a runner. You use the same gross $5 earbuds you bought before a flight 2 years ago for your weekly runs, because they’re all you’ve got.

Tangled earbuds

You walk into the Chicago Marathon Expo hoping to get a couple protein bar samples with your running bib, but get distracted by some crazy girls decked out in pink gear at Booth #289.

Pink Ladies

They ask if you’ve ever heard of open ear headphones that’ll keep you safe while you run, where you can listen to your 165 bpm playlist and the commuting traffic whizzing by you. SAY WHAT? No cords. Sweat welcome. Ability to call and order delivery while on-the-go? Yep. All that, and they come in Pink, exclusively for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And 25% of proceeds go to Bright Pink – an amazing non-profit that is dedicated to educating women on breast and ovarian cancer. AND for one social media post, you’ll get a lil present to keep you company with your new super safe headphones while you tackle those 26.2 Chicago miles you’ve been training so hard for. Can it get any better? You bet. Did someone say "show special"?

Seinfeld cast excitedly gathering

If you’re running in this year’s event, or if you’re based in The Windy City, swing by Booth #289 Friday, October 7 or Saturday, October 8! The Pink Ladies are recruiting new #ShokzSquad members, and this is your open invitation. Will we see you there?