Celebrating Our Customer Happiness Team
Celebrating Our Customer Happiness Team
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Celebrating Our Customer Happiness Team

For as long as I can remember, I have felt a duty to make the world a little happier. In high school, I visited a local craft store and bought a pack of those shiny metallic star stickers with the intention of giving them to anyone whose day could be a little brighter, and that started with my cashier. The look of surprise in her tired eyes and the smile that lit up her face when I pulled the stickers from the bag she just packed and asked her to pick a colour...totally worth the bizarre looks I received from fellow patrons.

As the Customer Happiness Director at AfterShokz, I’ve come to realize it doesn’t take much to make someone smile. Not only is that reflected in our department’s name, but we’ve also woven this philosophy into the center of the AfterShokz Customer Happiness team.

We start by hiring happy people - people who have a positive attitude, a sense of humour (we’re talking corny knock-knock jokes during morning meetings), and a real, genuine desire to help others and these are a few of their stories.

Not too long after I started, I received a call from a woman who just received her AfterShokz. She wanted someone to help her set them up because she was not confident with technology. We spent an hour together as I walked her through every step from opening the box, to pairing the headphones to her TV. By the time we finished, she felt confident turning her headphones on and off as well as pairing to all her devices - phone, laptop, and TV. We even talked about some other uses for her headphones that she hadn’t considered - like talking to her grandkids on the phone while she was in the kitchen! - Megan

We had a customer who placed a bundle order on January 29th for a Valentine’s Day gift for his wife but due to some issues with his address, there was a delay in shipping and it wasn’t going to arrive on time. So, in addition to overnighting his order to him, I also sent him a gift basket with chocolates and candy from a florist in his area that did same-day delivery. I wanted to make sure he didn’t have to run out for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift for his wife! - Megan

Delivering a positive customer service experience begins with team members who are having a positive experience themselves! Walk into the CHT room and you’ll find scented candles burning, neon lights glowing, and gold medals hanging on the cubicle walls of our weekly satisfaction winners. While a comfortable setting is great, it’s the relationships the team members have with one another that really makes the CHT a positive environment.

Being a former high school athlete and baseball coach, it is very important for me to work in a positive, team environment. I love working with this team because we’re always working together. We all have our different strengths so when we come across a tricky situation we work together by collectively coming up with a solution. - Mike

This team is one of the most cohesive and efficient teams I have ever worked with. We all get along really well, treat each other with respect, stay focused, work hard, and keep the customers’ happiness and overall experience our top priority. - Kyle

My favourite thing about working on a team is that we’re all here to pick each other up. If one of us doesn’t know the answer to something or doesn’t know how they should handle something, there’s always another member of the team ready to help them with it. The Customer Happiness team truly is a TEAM. - Casey

Between Monday, February 25th at 9am and Friday, March 1st at 5pm EST, our Customer Happiness team is going to spread even more cheer by including a favourite accessory and handwritten notes with all orders placed with aftershokz.ca.