Woman working from home on laptop wearing AfterShokz OpenMove
Woman working from home on laptop wearing AfterShokz OpenMove
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Best Back To School and Work Essentials For Productivity

It’s September, which means back to school season is in full swing. For many of us, Fall 2020 also marks the return of transitioning back to office life after working from home for half the year. Both school and the office are looking a little different this year, so we’re including the best tools on the market to make the switch a little smoother. Read on for our top back to school essentials and work essentials! 

AfterShokz OpenMove 

Our newest open-ear wireless headphone has just hit the market! OpenMove was designed with versatility and everyday use in mind. These are perfect for listening to audio while commuting, studying, working, and more. The 6-hour battery life, sleek design, and powerful audio combine to bring you best-in-class bone conduction at an entry-level price. Shop AfterShokz OpenMove here

Reusable Face Masks

Whether you’re working or learning from home or you’re in the office/school building, you’re going to need some reusable face coverings. Pop them on when at your desk, while talking to coworkers, or when picking up your food order. Check out our best breathable face coverings recommendations here

HidrateSpark Water Bottle

Using all that brainpower means you’re going to need to hydrate frequently to keep your body running in tip-top shape. However, we all know the struggle of forgetting to drink as much water as we should. This reusable water bottle eliminates that problem! This smart bottle tracks your water intake and reminds you to drink by lighting up and through their free app connected via Bluetooth.   

L.L. Bean Lunch Box

It’s just as important to pack a healthy, nutritious lunch for yourself at work as it is in school. If you’re online learning or working from home, you can bring your lunch box to any remote work location such as a study room or the park! This L.L. Bean Lunch Box comes in four fun colours with plenty of storage and features a mesh pocket to stash cutlery, an ice pack, or more snacks. 

Touchland Hand Sanitizer

This cult-favourite spray hand sanitizer will be your new must-have accessory. The Touchland Power Mist comes in a variety of different scents and colours, all rolled into one compact, aesthetically pleasing package. Each spray hand sanitizer bottle contains 500+ spritzes to keep you germ-free at home, the office, or the classroom without needing to refill too soon. 

French Press Coffee Maker

A French Press is every caffeine addict’s dream, and this one comes in seven different finishes! This classic model was designed in the fifties and has only gotten better with age. The best part? It’s easy to use; just add coffee grounds and hot water. Get ready to take on that Zoom class or business meeting with a fresh cup of joe in hand. 

The Hook Door Opener

The hook door opener was designed to let you move about your day without having to touch shared surfaces. In a time when everyone is much more germ-conscious than we used to be, this is the perfect accessory for whenever you leave the house. Use the hook to open doors or use keypads, all touchless. As a bonus, the hook is made out of antimicrobial 260 brass to keep transferred germs at bay. 

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