Person using NFC Pairing to sync AfterShokz OpenComm headset to device
Person using NFC Pairing to sync AfterShokz OpenComm headset to device
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All About NFC Pairing Your AfterShokz

Picture this: you’ve just opened your brand new AfterShokz OpenComm bone conduction headset box. You peel off the protective coverings, plug the headphones up to begin charging, and start reading through the user manual when you come across a nifty capability: NFC Pairing. Read on to learn the basics of Near Field Communication Pairing and how to use NFC Pairing on your OpenComm wireless stereo headset to stay connected on-the-go! 

What Is Near Field Communication Pairing?

Near Field Communication Pairing is a wireless syncing capability that allows a mobile device and an NFC-equipped headset to connect by being in close proximity to one another. This process eliminates the need to manually sync both devices by navigating to a phone’s Bluetooth menu, while also saving time. Currently, NFC Pairing is exclusive to our OpenComm bone conduction headset, making it the only AfterShokz wireless model equipped with the feature. 

Benefits Of NFC Pairing For Professionals

OpenComm is the first and only AfterShokz product designed specifically for communication. Each feature of our wireless stereo headset works to improve workplace awareness, safety on the job site, and communication and collaboration amongst team members. The NFC pairing feature of our AfterShokz OpenComm headset to an Android phone was introduced to accommodate a growing number of Android users in professional spaces, and also make it easier to stay connected, safer, and focused while you work. This innovative addition to our headset’s capabilities allows wearers to unlock a new level of safety in their work environment with virtually hands-free connectivity.

How To Set Up NFC Pairing On OpenComm

  1. Hold the Volume+ button until the headset flashes red and blue to indicate pairing mode.
  2. Position the NFC sign area (as shown in the above blog photo) on the left arm of the headset close to the NFC detection area of the Android device you are connecting to.
  3. A blue light will flash one time when your headset is paired successfully; Audrey will announce “connected”. You may have to confirm the connection on the device you are connecting to as well.

For more information about NFC Pairing on OpenComm, visit our AfterShokz Help Center.