AfterShokz Launches Virtual Interview Series
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AfterShokz Launches Virtual Interview Series

The phrase “be open” goes far beyond just our company tagline. In fact, it’s one of our guiding principles in everything we do, the products we create, and how we show up in the world around us. In an effort to continue both pushing our own limits and encouraging others to do the same, we recently launched a new AfterShokz Interview Series, “Be Open.” 

This ongoing interview series will be centred around human interest and social justice issues and topics in the fitness space and will air monthly on Instagram Live. Keep reading to find out more about the virtual interview series and get tuned in! 

Inspired by the recent conversations of race, equity, and inclusion happening around the world, we felt called to shine a light on these subjects in a way that opens up a safe space of dialogue for those both old and new to the conversation. Our first episode featured the most decorated marathoner in U.S. history, Meb Keflezhigi, being interviewed by host Ali Feller (best known as Ali on the Run) on Meb’s experiences with racism in the running community. 

The second episode of the interview series features Austin-based Olympic runner, Leo Manzano, most known for his triumphant performance in the 1500m race at the 2012 London Olympic Games. His silver medal win signified the first time an American had medaled in the highly competitive event since 1968. Manzano will join Feller on Instagram Live to discuss his storied career, life experiences as a Mexican-American man and runner, and more. Watch Leo’s interview on IGTV here

Watch the powerful first interview with Meb on the AfterShokz YouTube channel, and make sure to follow AfterShokz on Instagram and turn on post notifications so you don’t miss our next live episode!