AfterShokz Hits The Radio!
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AfterShokz Hits The Radio!

If you’re local to Syracuse or a fan of KRock (our fave rock radio station), you may have heard the hosts of ‘The Show’ Josh & A.J. mention their love of AfterShokz headphones. Our marketing team met this fun duo a few weeks ago and although we’ve only been Facebook friends for 24 hours (thanks for the invite A.J.!), we already consider them honorary members of the #ShokzSquad.

“So, why has AfterShokz hit the radio,” you ask? As you know, October is the official month for breast cancer awareness and we’ve been spreading Bright Pink’s message to turn awareness into action far and wide. We’ve also been asking for your help to give back to this incredible organization – whether it’s by using the hashtag #AwareWithPink, or by treating yo’self to Trekz Titanium Pink headphones. So when Josh & A.J. invited us to come onto the ‘The Show’ and get the word out about all things #AwareWithPink, we knew it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up!

Bright and early Tuesday mornin’, three marketing musketeers set out on a journey to go to KRock’s studio in downtown Syracuse.

Some of us got stage fright before going on air...

Others...not so much...

Either way, Josh & A.J.’s fun personalities and hilarious banter made our first radio experience a wild ride and definitely blog post worthy!

We managed to cover everything from the fact that when you buy Trekz Titanium Pink 25% of proceeds goes to Bright Pink and 25¢ is donated each time you share #AwareWithPink...
To Aryal lookin' like a creeper on the creep cam (check out the full video below)!


We discussed Caleigh’s nerves...

And the reason Josh loves wearing his AfterShokz on his runs at Beaver Lake.

We had the opportunity to respond to a KRock listener's text asking if AfterShokz work with glasses (spoiler alert: they do!).

Even Canadian bears got a shoutout – wait, what?!

You can catch the full episode "Taco Tuesday" here (fast forward to 51 minutes to hear us)! Or, catch us on KRock’s creep cam (we’re shown at 1:32:00, audio is on at 1:39:00).

We had a blast at our radio debut, and hope we'll be invited back soon. If you're a Krock ShowBro or ShowGrl, give us a shout out on social or in the comments below!