Person holding AfterShokz Air headphones
Person holding AfterShokz Air headphones
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AfterShokz Headphones Do’s & Don’ts

Time to brush up on your note-taking skills! With proper care, AfterShokz bone conduction headphones are built to last for the long haul. We’re sharing the scoop on all the things you can do with your AfterShokz and a few things that we wouldn’t recommend. 


Take your headphones on a rainy outdoor run. 
Our IP55 water-resistant and IP67/IP68 waterproof ratings allow our headphones to withstand the elements for workouts without limits. Make sure you wipe them down with a dry cloth and allow them to dry out before charging, though; rain or sweat can cause your headphones to malfunction when plugged in. 

Go the distance in every sense of the word.
 Powered with 6-hours and 8-hours of continuous battery life, AfterShokz headphones are charged up for all-day use without worrying about reaching for a cable. 

Keep your headphones clean!
 Wipe down your headphones after wearing sunscreen or completing a sweaty workout prior to charging them. This keeps the inner mechanics and exterior of your Shokz in tip-top shape and prevents battery drainage issues. 

Take your headphones on a drive. 
 Make sure to consult the headphones while driving laws in your state first, but in many parts of the U.S., AfterShokz are considered safe to use while driving due to their open-ear nature. Use your Shokz and their included microphone to take calls and listen to your audio! 


Wear your Shokz in the sauna.
 Although our headphones are fortified with sweatproof protection, high sauna temperatures can affect the glue holding your headphones hardware together or permanently affect the battery life.

Submerge your headphones in water.
 Unless you’re the owner of our Xtrainerz MP3 wireless headphones, which are specifically designed for use in water sports, we don’t recommend swimming with or submerging your AfterShokz headphones. 

Leave your headphones charging overnight. 
Make sure that when charging your headphones to full battery, you only leave them charging for the recommended 1-2 hours (consult your user manual for exact time). Leaving them charging overnight could create a dangerous situation or cause your headphones to short out. 

Charge your headphones using a fast charger.
 We recommend using the provided charging cable plugged into a USB port with an output that does not exceed 5V and 1A. A fast-charging station or cell phone charger can damage your headphone's battery.

Interested in learning more about your headphones and how they work? Get assistance with your AfterShokz headphones and more in-depth product information when you visit our AfterShokz Help Center

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