AfterShokz Aren't Just for Athletes
AfterShokz Aren't Just for Athletes
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AfterShokz Aren't Just for Athletes

As one of the top-rated sport headphones, AfterShokz are certainly fantastic for fitness enthusiasts and athletes -- runners, cyclists, golfers, and more. But our headphones enhance the lives of so many people every single day, many who don’t have a sweat session on their agenda. Our Customer Happiness Team receives countless messages from our #ShokzSquadCAN telling us how they’ve been using and loving their AfterShokz.

Warehouse Workers -- In most warehouse settings, employees are required to have open ears for safety reasons. With safety being a huge priority for warehouse workers, as well as AfterShokz, our headphones allow you to be alert at work while listening to music or podcasts to help get you through those long shifts.

Truck Drivers -- Wearing traditional earbuds while driving is not only dangerous, but it’s also illegal in some parts of the country. AfterShokz can be worn in most provinces and territories while driving thanks to their open-ear design, and the command buttons on the headphones help limit distractions. 

Office Workers -- AfterShokz are often worn by employees working in an office environment who want to listen to music and podcasts during the workday without tuning out their coworkers.

Gamers -- Our wired headphones are able to easily connect to video game controllers, allowing gamers to immerse themselves in the virtual world of video games without tuning out their environment.

Persons with hearing loss -- Many customers with hearing loss benefit from AfterShokz in a unique way. AfterShokz connects to most Bluetooth devices allowing the user to pair their headphones with a phone and use a hearing amplifier app to hear surroundings clearer.

Visually impaired -- The benefits of situational awareness for our customers with vision loss is profound. Our headphones are able to sync to any Bluetooth device when used with a navigational tool allowing you to hear step-by-step navigation in addition to traffic and other environmental cues.

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