A Year in the Life of ShokzStar Meg
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A Year in the Life of ShokzStar Meg


Hi all! I’m Megan O’Neill, a member of the 2019 ShokzStars team. I am a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, running coach, and nutrition specialist. As such, finding quality products is of the utmost importance to me. About three-and-a-half years ago, I bought my first pair of AfterShokz. I am a distance runner, running multiple races each year myself and with clients, and I have always struggled to find the perfect headphones. AfterShokz were a game-changer for me! They have lasted through full marathons in the rain without fail, never fall off, and, best of all, I feel safe running in the dark, early morning hours because I can hear everything going on around me.

Fast-forward to late 2018 when I applied to be an AfterShokz Brand Ambassador. I was just leaving a client’s house when I opened the acceptance email and literally yelled out loud! I am pretty sure my client thought I was nuts. From week one, I loved everything about this company and their mission. As the months went on and I got to know the employees and other ShokzStars via social media and email, I loved it even more. And the products they send… this company is so incredibly generous with what they provide to the ShokzStars. 

There were so many creative campaigns to participate in each quarter, which kept us all engaged and connected. In addition, it was always fun to see commission payments pop up for products people purchased with my discount code. In October, I had an opportunity to join the team at the Chicago Marathon Expo. Words really can’t do justice for how incredible this trip was. AfterShokz set all of my travel accommodations up so easily and from the moment I walked into the hotel and saw Evan and Nick, the event coordinators, I knew it was going to be a great weekend. The other employees and ShokzStars were so friendly that we felt like we had known each other for years. The expo was so energized and we sold a ton of headphones. The days went fast even though the hours were long because we worked as a team. It was so great to meet runners from all over the world and tell them how much I love these products. The team had dinner together after the expo, recapped the days, laughed, told stories, and just generally had a blast! We have all kept in touch and plan to stay connected.   

Next up for me was the Revel Big Bear Expo in San Bernadino, CA. It was a much smaller venue than Chicago but just as great! I worked again with Evan and also Dan Cox, triathlete and, of course, former Bachelorette contestant. The next morning at 4 am (yes, 4 am) I got on a bus and rode to the top of the mountains to run the Revel Big Bear Half Marathon. It was over a month ago and I still smile when I think about it. It was the best running experience of my life! Running downhill (and I mean straight downhill) while the sun is rising up through the clouds…. I think I might have stopped fifteen times to take pictures because I did not want to forget a minute of it. At kilometre ten, a girl who had bought a pair of headphones from me at the expo saw me and yelled out, “Thanks, Megan, I love them!” It made me so happy to know other runners love them as much as I do.

When I got back from SoCal, we started the GiveGoodVibez campaign. I knew immediately that I wanted to gift my pair to a girl in our neighbourhood who is a big runner and suffering from brain cancer. AfterShokz loved the idea and, when I delivered them, her smile lit up the room. Her mom was asking me all about the company and thought it was amazing that they did things like this. She contacted me twice to thank me and AfterShokz.

As I reflect back on the last year, I have nothing but love for everyone at AfterShokz, from the employees to the ShokzStars. 2019 was all about positivity for me, learning to change my own energy from the inside out. I can say without a doubt that being a ShokzStar was a major source of positivity in my life. I am so blessed to be a part of this group! 

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