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5 Reasons Why You Should Run in The United Relay of America

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you already know we’re deeply involved with The United Relay of America, the world’s first triple-route coast-to-coast running relay.

We got involved for a few reasons:

Brand awareness. We’re a business on a mission to grow, which’ll only happen if people know who we are! This event gives us national reach and is helping us reach more folks like you.

It feels good. Giving back helps us sleep at night and the breadth of charities that stand to benefit from this effort connected with us.

It just makes sense! Most organized runs take place on closed courses, but this one takes participants on roadside courses, during all hours and conditions. For those that can’t run without being plugged in to their phone and music, it’s just not safe to use traditional headphones that block out traffic and warnings. Our open ear concept ensures runners can remain aware of surroundings while they run. It was a no-brainer - we had to get involved!

But enough about us…
This is about why YOU should join us.

Here’s 5 reasons that are sure to convince you:

1. To get in shape.

Go ahead - eat as many Girl Scout Cookies as you want.

2. Because all the cool kids are doing it.

(Like us.) If you want to run with Kim, Caleigh, Chelsea or Mary, let us know in the comments. We’re already signed up to run multiple stages in Seattle, Syracuse and New York City, but if you’d like us to join you in your hometown, give us a shout! 

3. Netflix is down (again).

Nothing better to do.

4. Because... history.

Who doesn’t want to make history!? This is your only chance to be a part of the very first triple-route coast-to-coast running relay. Sign up now to change some lives. DO IT.


5. It's your good deed for the day!

100% of funds raised, from registration fees to personal and corporate donations, will go to the benefiting charities. Your efforts will be an important part of the estimated $1.5 million we intend to support the coalition of charities partnered with the We Are Here Movement and local children’s hospitals across the nation.


To get you extra pumped about the United Relay, we’re adding a little contest to the mix!

We've added our 5¢ worth of reasons to sign up - we’re sure you have a few too. Want to win a pair of Trekz Titanium and have us pay your United Relay entry fee?

win free trekz titanium and free united relay entry free

Tell us why you’re running and use #whyURrunning in a comment here or on one of our social channels by midnight EST March 31, 2016 for your chance to win!!!


Disclaimer: only residents of the U.S. are eligible for entry into this contest.