Reasons why work doesn’t feel like work.
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Reasons why work doesn’t feel like work.

It may not look like it from the outside, but we at AfterShokz are a really small team. Really small. Our Head Office consists of 10 employees. However, we’re a close-knit group with BIG dreams for the brand, and together, we get stuff done. We travel across the country shouting about our headphones from the rooftops, but with so few voices, our unique product message often gets drowned out by all the other headphones out there.

As you’re aware, our headphones aren’t average by a long stretch. They’re designed to keep you tuned in without tuning out the world - designed to keep you safe - which we believe everyone should care about deeply, for themselves, and for their loved ones. Having your ears open as you cycle, walk, or run down the street is a no-brainer. Having your ears open while you catch up on the latest ep of Serial and enjoy time with your family is just darn cool. Having your ears open as a blind person listening to GPS prompts down the street is critical. And having AfterShokz headphones to allow you to hear in stereo sound for the first time when you’re deaf is life changing.

Spreading the word on AfterShokz headphones to the whole wide world is certainly a challenge, and one that can often leave us wondering if people love these headphones just as much as we do. But, then our fans write in. They tell us how appreciative they are that our headphones are keeping their loved ones safe as they train for their marathons. How they can hear traffic while they commute to the office on their bike. How they’re giving the blind community more confidence and independence navigating busy city streets. How their deaf children just heard music for the first time in their lives. And THIS makes it all worthwhile. This keeps us excited to walk into work each day, keeps us driven, and makes work not feel like work. When our efforts are changing lives, nothing else matters.

We wanted to share a few favorite quotes fans have recently sent in, and to say thank-you for shouting about AfterShokz from the rooftops alongside us.

These headphones are AWESOME!!! I can hear the music and everything around me. Highly recommend! 

Love my blues2 headphones so much that I bought my daughter a pair too. I use them when I'm cycling and I love the fact that my daughter is aware of people around her when listening to music in the street. Fantastic product and support all round, thank you. 

Here is our son trying his Aftershokz headphones for the first time. He had never heard music in stereo before yesterday! Thank you for making this smile possible.

Just received the Trekz Titanium Ocean Bluez. To make a long story short, I bought them for my running outings to keep safe and enjoy music while doing so. Pretty normal, right? Well things didn't quite turn out this way. Having had two ear drum reconstructions thirty years apart (I am 45) on the same left ear, I had given up hearing things in proper stereo without toggling the balance, especially when using plug earphones. This also makes me dread the idea that a few decades from now I will be using hearing aid...knowing that my inner is partially damaged. So I wore your Trekz. It was like hearing for the first time. What followed was extremely emotional and personal. But you have opened up a world to me, and, I expect, to many others. It isn't just about running any more… This is going to be the most delightful Christmas and New Year for me. What you do is literally life changing! Thank you from the deepest of my heart.

Aftershokz rock! I'm visually impaired, and use my Aftershokz with GPS apps on my iPhone, which has profoundly changed the way I travel. I also use them when I exercise outdoors. This is much safer with my ears open. The set I have is a couple of years old, and I'm looking forward to upgrading soon. 

Your messages mean more than we could ever tell you! Keep ‘em coming.