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Towering Responsibility - The Best Offense is a Good Defense

Hi everyone, my name is Mike, resident gamer here at AfterShokz. Since we just released a brand new product, Gamez, I thought it would be fun to review some mobile tower defense games that you can play with our headset.

While tower defense has been a popular mobile and desktop game for years, gameplay has evolved significantly. I tried not to pick games that fell seamlessly into this strategy-genre. No longer are we just placing towers in path of our enemies. Defense strategy is evolving, and a few of these games will show you just how much.


5. Defenders 2 (free)

Traditional at it's core, Defenders 2 is more than just the stereotypical place, defend, and upgrade. Set in a world open to exploration, you have the ability to traverse this realm via the world map. Explore new realms, open treasure chests to upgrade and improve towers, mine resources in real-time to grow your bank, merge duplicate towers to further their upgrades, and so much more. Yes, like most mobile games, this offers in app purchases. However, I doubt you need to spend any cash, as each newly explored area offers plenty of play time. If you don't believe me, check out some gameplay footage I found.


4. Tower Defense: Lost Earth (free)

Similar to Defenders 2, Tower Defense offers a unique twist to the strategy genre. Opening the game, you will find yourself able to play on three different game-types: Campaign, Challenge, and Special Missions. Each game-type build upon the next. The campaign is a great way to explore the world they have created. Meandering through a map of levels, you slowly upgrade and use your unlocked towers to better defend yourself. Challenge mode allows you to face off against special AI bosses and see your rank amongst the global community. Special Missions, on the other hand, only unlock once you have beaten other game modes at higher difficulties. All in all, this game is well worth some of your down time.


3. Dragon Dots Raider (free)

This is completely unique to this list of games. In all honesty, Dragon Dots Raider is not a tower defense game. Instead, it's just a defense game. Open this app and find yourself placed in a community game. You are a small little circle tasked to pick up dots across the map. Each dot you grab will grow your character. The larger you are the stronger you are. However, watch out! Other players are trying the capture these dots too! If they are bigger then you, they could end your streak! This game doesn't have endless gameplay. However, being able to participate in a community defense game is certainly a fun way to kill thirty minutes.


2. Kingdom Rush (free)

Likely the most standard defense game on the list, Kingdom Rush is no new name to defense strategy. Despite being out for a few years, I always tend to come back to this new found classic. Apart from the wonderful artwork, this game really challenges you to be "on fleek" with your strategies. What really drives this defense game apart from others, is it's inclusion of Heroes. You can try to beat each wave of attackers without your hero. However, I am sure you will find that he or she will provide you with great additional defense. They have already released two follow-ups to Kingdom Rush conveniently titled, "Kingdom Rush Frontiers" and "Kingdom Rush Origins." Have no fear, each of these games offer tons of fun gameplay.


1. rymdkapsel (paid)

Yes, this game's name is hard to pronounce. I say something like "Rim-Duh-Capsule," because I had to try something. This might be my favorite game so far this year. Rymdkapsel is a game like none other I have played in a long time. Similar to RTS (real time strategy) games like StarCraft, you must mine minerals, grow your empire, manage AI, and battle waves of enemies. The cool thing about this are the monoliths. These monoliths offer perks for the game. In a sense, they are little cheats that you can use to benefit your survival. This game is really all about management. Be prepared to lose a few times before you win. However, if gameplay proves frustrating, you can always opt for "Zen" mode to become familiar without any enemies.


I hope all of you enjoyed this run-down of some really fun mobile strategy games. I know I enjoyed playing each of them! Our interest in gaming is growing, and we want more feedback on our new product Gamez so we can continue to develop and refine this product for all gamers. That's why this weekend we are offering 20% off Gamez, when you use the code "GAMEZ20" at checkout. Check them out here!

If you enjoyed these quick reviews and want to hear about more games, leave a comment, share socially, or maybe you want to challenge me? We look forward to hearing from you. Have fun and stay safe!