Making running history
Making running history
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Making running history

Q+A with AfterShokz President and CEO, Bruce Borenstein

As the world’s first nonstop running relay, The United Relay of America aims to inspire, empower and connect people across the nation—to not only be a part of running history, but also be united for a better world. Those who want to make a difference for communities across the globe will set off from Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and meet in New York City, carrying three batons over 10,000 miles in three unbroken chains of runners. AfterShokz is proud to be the title sponsor and will spend the first half of 2016 raising awareness and funds for the causes.


What inspired the involvement with United Relay of America?

I’d like to say that we set out to do some good all on our own, but this opportunity developed after a single conversation between Jamie Hay (Director, United Relay of America) and our marketing team that spiraled out of control! What started as a small product donation turned into a grand partnership and a plan that will surely make running history.


What is the goal for AfterShokz?

Other than doing our part to raise awareness and funds for some very deserving charities, we’re furthering our mission to keep people safe! Most organized runs take place on closed courses, but the United Relay of America’s three legs will take an estimated 9,000 runners on roadside courses, during all hours and conditions—a situation that could be potentially unsafe. So we’re getting involved to ensure participants are running safely as they pass the batons, day and night, joined together in their causes.


How does this affiliation help your brand tell its story?

Our bone conduction sport headphones are unique in that they’re built to ensure runners remain aware of surroundings, while delivering them their tunes or keeping them connected to calls. Our brand’s challenge has always been in the demonstration—showing folks why they should be wearing AfterShokz. This is as “in real life” as it gets, introducing ourselves to thousands of runners who may not have heard about us and ensuring they’re running safely.