Woman wearing Aeropex practicing meditation
Woman wearing Aeropex practicing meditation
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8 Self-Care Rituals To Try With Your AfterShokz

Are you ready to unwind? Self-care isn’t just for wellness gurus and buzz-worthy social media conversations anymore––it’s for everyone. In fact, practicing self-care daily through acts big and small is a great way to maintain balance in life, and has even been linked to significant mental and physical health benefits. The signature open-fit design and all-day battery life of our headphones make them the perfect companion for completing your self-care rituals and relaxation techniques with ease. 

Check out these 8 easy and accessible ways to practice self-care with your AfterShokz headphones and enjoy an ahhhmazing moment alone. 

With Xtrainerz: Take A Bath or Float The Pool 

Draw the bathwater, #ShokzSquad! Soaking in a warm bubble bath or soothing a tense back in a hot tub is what Xtrainerz were made for. Well, technically, Xtrainerz were inspired by swimmers and other water sports, but cut us some slack! The submersible waterproof design and 8-hour battery life make them the perfect accompaniment when you’re sliding in for a good long soak with that new bath bomb. 

If you’re looking to catch some much-needed Vitamin D, head to your nearest pool and enjoy a lazy float without worrying about accidental falls or water damage thanks to the IP68 waterproof rating. 

With Aeropex: Apply A Face Mask or Do Gentle Yoga

What better way to celebrate some you time than with a little at-home skincare and synced up Aeropex headphones? Incorporating a simple face mask into your day can help improve meditation, relaxation, and minimize your pores, so there’s really no downside. 

Give one of these drugstore face masks a try while you tune in to one of the three favourite things we’re listening to right now. Aeropex’s IP67 waterproof rating makes it easy to sit back and relax after applying a fresh mask without worrying about your music or guided meditation shorting out. 

For people who prefer to get their daily dose of self-care through exercise, practice a few gentle yoga poses and cue up an instrumental playlist to help you unwind and reset after a busy day of obligations. 

With Air: Take A Walk or Tend To Your Garden

According to Melina B. Jampolis, M.D., walking regularly modifies your nervous system, resulting in decreased anger and hostility. Taking a stroll to alleviate stress is an ideal way to do your body and mind some good. When you use your AfterShokz Air headphones, you can enjoy a hands-free trek while possibly even breaking a sweat if your pace is brisk enough! 

If you’re looking to take up a new self-care hobby, gardening has been positively correlated with a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety symptoms. Burn a couple of calories while you sow some new herbs and flowers with your Air headphones volume turned up. 

With Titanium: Do Some Journaling or Meditate 

There are a few reasons why AfterShokz Titanium headphones are a brand classic. Among the biggest reasons, Titanium is fully-equipped to work as hard as you do while you hit the gym, follow a stroke of creative genius in your journal, or center yourself in a moment of mindfulness. Let Titanium’s 6-hour battery life and comfortable open-fit frame allow you to reach a new level of stillness in your meditation exercises or make some headway in writing a short story. 

What are some self-care activities you enjoy doing with your AfterShokz headphones? Share with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter