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Mission Accomplished

If you really want to challenge yourself, make a wine-induced pact with a couple of strangers. And then, before you chicken out, post said pact on your Instagram so you can’t back out without looking like a slouch. Thanks for that, Cale! ;)

Actually, really, I am thankful Cale publicly committed us to this past weekend’s feat. For so many reasons:

1- Challenge invigorates me, and I thrive when faced with one. In this case, it was a challenge to find the time to train, a challenge to physically get my ass in gear the handful (literally -- like less than five) of times I did, and a challenge to get through 7.2 miles yesterday (which is the longest distance I’ve continuously moved in one direction without a motorized vehicle EVER). I’ve never been very good at presenting myself with solid challenges to conquer, so it helped that she did.

2- I’m practicing what I preach. My days are spent marketing open ear headphones to the exact folks I’ve been surrounded by the last several days — and up until yesterday I couldn’t give them first hand experience of the benefits our tech provides when used in the exact situation they were developed for! It’s a sin to not be intimately familiar with the product you peddle, and now I can market from my heart.

3- Every inch of my body hurts today. But it’s the best hurt it’s felt since the birth of my son.

4- I feel like this run officially set us on a path to becoming Barb + Viv, and I smile every time I think of those two lovely ladies. Cale does too. So we’re going to keep up the good work. Habits are an effect of practice, and now that we’ve got a little taste of that adrenaline, we’re totally motivated to keep it up!

And to that point….. what’s next for the AfterShokz Safety Squad?! Cale and I are up for another running challenge. We’ve only been runners for a day, so not sure what to sign ourselves up for next. Suggestions anyone? And if you want to join us, give us a shout! The only requirement is willingness to rock a superfab matching outfit. #beopen