7 “Weird” Spotify Playlists You Need To Listen To Right Now
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7 “Weird” Spotify Playlists You Need To Listen To Right Now

Quirky, offbeat Spotify playlists have become a huge trend on social media, with entire subreddits and Twitter accounts dedicated to showcasing the best and brightest of this streaming service! From oddly specific to just plain weird, there’s a Spotify playlist for every situation, so grab your Shokz, pick your favourite, and get listening! 

Playlist for when you’re driving to Ohio in your Toyota Corolla 

Self-explanatory. Don’t forget to grab your OpenComm so you can chat with some friends on the way. 

Playlist for when you jog by a goose 

This weird playlist perfectly encompasses every thought and emotion you may have upon encountering a goose on your route. Pump these songs through your Aeropex as you make a hasty getaway. 

Playlist for when you weren’t really into the Italian you had for dinner

We’ve all had those days when we’ve decided to treat ourselves to some well-earned cheese and pasta, and then experienced the disappointment when it didn’t quite live up to our standards. Hey, it happens to the best of us. 

Playlist for when it’s been a while since you listened to your Harry Potter audiobooks 

Spooky season is coming up, and this playlist, paired with your OpenMove headphones, is just the thing to get you in the mood for your Harry Potter binge-watch or read. 

Playlist for people who really like numbers 

Maybe you’re trying to fall asleep or counting each step until you’re done with your run. Either way, this playlist and your Air headphones will ensure you don’t miss a beat. Or a song numbered 1-10. 

Playlist for when you’ve chosen yogurt as your post-run snack

Why reach for that granola bar when plain yogurt has all the protein and carbs you need for a little post-workout fuel? Unless you’re lactose-intolerant, of course. 

Playlist for when you’re heartbroken and really, really into 90’s music

Did your running buddy start running with someone else? Favourite sneakers get discontinued? We’ve all felt heartbreak, and what better way to get through emotional pain than with music from arguably the best decade: the 90’s.