7 Mountain Bike Trails You Should Know About
7 Mountain Bike Trails You Should Know About
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7 Mountain Bike Trails You Should Know About

Spring has finally sprung! What a wonderful time of year when the sun shows its beautiful face and the smell of earth comes up from the grass where snow used to be. With our corporate office set in Syracuse, NY; it puts our team at AfterShokz in such an optimistic mood! Just think of all the fun and exciting things there are to experience when all you need is a handy water bottle, a great playlist, your trusty headphones, and good friends to make memories.

Okay, so you know about some awesome 5Ks coming up this summer, but what if you prefer soaring downhill on a bike with the wind blowing through your hair? Here are 7 amazing mountain bike trails throughout the US of A that are sure to be some of the most scenic memories you will make this summer. 

Be sure to click the links within the titles of each trail for a detailed description of everything you need to know to take on the trails. Let's get started!

1. McKenzie River Trail - Willamette National Forest, Oregon

We start our list with the beautiful trails tucked away in Willamette National Forest. The west coast is known for its scenery, but these trails come from fairy tails. Approximately 25.4 miles in length, they're rated for intermediate travelers.

2. 401 Trail - Central Rockies, Colorado 

Would you take a moment and look at this photo? You can almost smell the fresh air through your digital screen! The 401 Trail in Colorado is about 8.6 miles long through a surreal landscape of bright yellow flowers and luscious green rolling hills. Rated for intermediate riders, this one is a must-see if you find yourself in The Centennial State his summer.

3. Tahoe Rim Trail - Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Sunny Nevada! You're in for a ride that's difficult to keep your eyes on the trails as the deep blue water begs for your attention. This 23.9-mile trail is going to take some training because it is intended for intermediate-expert mountain bikers. Work your way up to this one, but it's worth it because this is rated as the #1 trail in the state!

4. Paradise Royal Loop - North Coast, California 

There's no way you can create a scenic trails list without mentioning sunny California! The Paradise Royal Loop is surrounded by towering trees and the smell of fresh earth. An 11.6-mile trail, it's great for casual to intermediate riders. You might say there's far more to see than waves in Cali!

5. Mountainside Loop - East Burke, Vermont

With fantastic downhills and sharp turns that will keep you on the edge of your bike seat, The Mountainside Loop is not for the faint of heart. We imagine the air to be so crisp and refreshing on this 15.5 mile trail! If you're looking for a challenge, there is one patiently waiting in Vermont! 

6. Paris Mountain State Park - Upstate, South Carolina

This gorgeous, more mild trail shows off nature's color palette. With an intended skill level of casual to intermediate, this 11.5-mile pathway is most fun with a group of friends.... isn't any outside activity better with friends?

7. Cortina Valley Bike Trail - Palenville, New York 

We have come to the final destination on our list, and what do you know! Right in AfterShokz's home state of New York! Palenville is known for its beautiful hiking and mountain bike trails. Be warned! This track is intended for expert level bikers! So if you don't consider yourself an expert, your best bet is to experience the hiking trails instead. This 10.9-mile long track will ask for everything you've got to offer, so try it at your own risk! But remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

These are only a select few trails in the USA. There are hundreds and hundreds of other ones waiting for thrill-seeking mountain bikers! Know of any other good trails we should know about? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.